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Sprints Wonders When the NCAA Got a Lobotomy // 02.12.10

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Here we go again
I've said it before and I'll say it again -- this is the dumbest idea that the NCAA has ever had. And that's saying something.

If passed, players who draw flags for taunting gestures on their way to a touchdown would have the penalty assessed from the spot of the foul, taking away the score. Penalties that occur in the end zone would continue to be assessed on the extra-point attempt, 2-point conversion try or ensuing kickoff.

The change would take effect in 2011 and on the NCAA's website, a release said the proposal received near-unanimous support.

"Taunting and prolonged individual acts have no place in our game, and our officials have generally handled these rules well," said former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti, the committee chair. "This is just another step in maintaining our game's image and reflecting the ideals of the NCAA overall."

First of all -- this is just another step in maintaining the game's image as seen by 50-plus-year-olds, Mr. Bellotti. You do not get to define the game for everyone else, whether you believe you do or not.

It's not that I want taunting in the game. It's that I don't think you have to destroy the emotions of the game in order to save it. Taunting as a dead-ball foul is fine with me and probably good for the game. Taunting as a live-ball foul is taking something that injures no one and gives no one a competitive advantage in the game -- different that any other live-ball penalty in the game -- and can take points off the board. Am I the only one that sees that as a bit much?

Well, at least a questionable unsportsmanlike conduct call has never affected the outcome of a game or any--

Last season's big controversy stemmed from Georgia receiver A.J. Green receiving a 15-year personal foul penalty after he caught a go-ahead touchdown pass late in a game against LSU. The yardage from the penalty was assessed on the ensuing kickoff and helped LSU get into position to drive for the winning score. The Southeastern Conference would later say there was no video evidence to support the flag on Green.

Oh, right.

This should go well.

A shake-up at Vanderbilt?
Those of you who wondered why Ted Cain was an offensive coordinator at any SEC school -- wonder no more.

Jimmy Kiser has been elevated from quarterbacks coach to Vanderbilt's offensive coordinator as part of a shakeup of duties among the offensive staff, Commodores football Coach Bobby Johnson announced today.

Cain will now be special teams coordinator.

Given the quarterbacks in the last several years at Vanderbilt, one can question the move, but there you have it.

Vanderbilt Sports Line is not impressed
And that's putting it mildly.

I would only note that last season Kiser was responsible for the play-calling. ... Pleased with the play-calling? Really?

Some might say this is nothing more than reorganizing the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Some might say.

Not so fast, my friend
Teryl Austin is not technically Florida's co-defensive coordinator yet. Wink.

Despite all signs pointing to Arizona Cardinals defensive backs coach Teryl Austin becoming Florida's next defensive coordinator, Florida spokesmen on Thursday said nothing is official and the school has no press release planned.

Which is usually what they say right before an announcement is made.

Personality clash?
Alligator Army wonders if there could be some issues with the co-coordinator idea.

These coaches are professionals, but we already saw internal politics send Billy Gonzales to LSU, so don't think these guys can't get jealous or upset. Heater, if he wants to be sole coordinator, can point to 30 years experience in college football. But Austin offers things Heater does not have; young guy, NFL experience and two Super Bowl appearances.

Or they could realize that arguing like that is probably not the best way to win football games. Just saying.

Record sales for Ole Miss baseball tickets
You can almost hear the "ping" right now.