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Sprints Is Shorter Than the Last Guy's Tenure // 02.11.09

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Maybe this one will stay for two months
Florida continues its search for a defensive coordinator -- or a co-defensive coordinator -- and appears to be interested in Clemson's Charlie Harbison.

Harbison is valuable recruiter and co-defensive coordinator at Clemson.

He was named as one of's top 25 recruiters for 2010 on Monday.

Because Florida really needs one of those.

Never mind. The candidate to defeat might be Teryl Austin.

Arizona Cardinals secondary coach Teryl Austin is among the leading candidates to become defensive coordinator at the University of Florida, according to NFL sources.

The National Football Post reported that Austin might interview for the job Wednesday. Two other NFL sources said Austin had a good chance at the job if he wanted it.

Or we could just wait for an official announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Mayor
If you haven't read this -- I don't know where you've been. But read it right now. It's one of the best things written about fandom and civility in a long time. I'll wait.

One thought about changing jobs, another is recovering from tendinitis and the other is '10 times better' than when he 'caused some concerns'
Your 2010 Georgia quarterback candidates.

The sixth season
DB Aairon Savage of Auburn will get it.

No jokes here
It's tempting to make another "Vols and guns" joke here, until you realize that this is a young man who had some potential and yet appears to have made the latest in a series of mistakes. There's really nothing very funny about that.