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Urban Meyer Resigns

This is not a rerun of a story from last year. I checked the year of the date on the story to be sure. Urban Meyer has resigned from coaching the University of Florida. Cocknfire excerpted Meyer's statement already.

Athletics Director Jeremy Foley had this to say, among other things:

"It's so much different that it was a year ago,'' Foley said. "He went through some tremendous issues a year ago. But I see his face now and I see the peacefulness. He's totally at peace with the decision. He certainly has given every fiber of his body to this university. I've seen it every day. The results speak for themselves, but to get those results, how do they happen? That guy has given everything he had to this university.

"It was just time. He wants to spend more time with his family. He's got daughters who play college volleyball; he's got a son who is growing up. Urban loves his family. When all is said and done, he loves us, he loves the Gators, he loves football, he loves his players, but his world revolves around his family. I think more than anything else that was the impetus for this.''

I have a feeling this resignation is going to stick. Last year's almost seemed like a panic move. Now, not so much.

Foley's first call, and I hope his last, is probably going to Dan Mullen. My guess, as of this second, is that Mullen will come back to Florida and Gus Malzahn will then take over Mississippi State.

Obviously, we'll have more on this as the story develops.