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Half the BlogPoll Ballot

Well, this is the last one of the season until after the bowls. It had to happen sometime. In some ways, it's easier now than the beginning of the season because everyone has played at least 12 games. In others, its more difficult because you have to weigh the difference between resumes that are slightly off in frustrating ways (looking at you, Ohio State and Michigan State).

In any event, here goes nothing.

1. Auburn

2. Oregon

3. TCU

4. Wisconsin

5. Arkansas

6. Michigan State

7. Ohio State

8. Stanford

9. Oklahoma

10. Boise State

This order is largely unchanged from last week. If you missed the rationale, it's there. Oklahoma jumps in thanks to gaining a third win over a ranked team.

11. LSU

12. Missouri

13. Oklahoma State

14. Nevada

15. Alabama

Can't say I'm thrilled about Nevada above Alabama, but I think that's where the Wolf Pack goes for now.

16. Texas A&M

17. Virginia Tech

18. Nebraska

19. South Carolina

20. Utah

I continue to be more bearing on Virginia Tech than the rest of the world, but it's not a big secret as to why. VT lost the only game it played against a highly ranked team, and its ranked victim from last weekend is only ranked because there's no one to put above them. I also continue to hold the loss to James Madison against them, which, while I know it was a fluke, still appears as a big stain on the Hokies' resume.

21. West Virginia

22. Mississippi State

23. Hawai'i

24. FSU

25. UConn

All of these teams have some kind of bad flaw. WVU lost to Syracuse, who beat no one of note otherwise. Mississippi State beat only one team with a winning record (7-5 Florida). Hawai'i lost to Colorado. FSU didn't beat a ranked team and went 0-for-North Carolina. UConn did beat every other above .500 team in the Big East, yet managed to lose to 6-6 Louisville and last place Rutgers.