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Charlie Weis to Florida Rumors: Is Florida Gaining a 'Decided Schematic Advantage'?

Um ... okay. This is unexpected, but it seems to be gaining some traction, and there doesn't really seem to be anyone rushing out to debunk it.

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is being targeted by the Florida Gators to become the offensive coordinator under new coach Will Muschamp, two sources confirmed to ESPN.

Weis is expected to take the job, but no firm agreement is in place.

This is usually where the possible thinking for Will Muschamp's decision would go. Which is -- I have no idea what Will Muschamp is thinking right now. It's not that Weis is necessarily a bad offensive coordinator. It's just that I can't imagine this being a popular choice among the Florida faithful, and Weis' results were uneven at Notre Dame. Weis' thinking is even more of a mystery, as he's always seemed happier in the NFL and won't be making nearly as much money at Florida, or at least you wouldn't think he would.

The timing of the report is also interesting. The Chiefs are headed to the playoffs, and Muschamp has so far run a tight ship when it comes to whom he's hiring. It doesn't really seem to be in anyone's interest to have this reported now, but there it is.

Then again, Major Applewhite was also going to be the Florida offensive coordinator a few weeks ago, so take all of this with a grain of salt. But don't say that Muschamp isn't going to try to make a splash with his coordinator hires, if this ends up being true. It might not be the kind of splash he wants to make, but he's going to make a splash.