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Pick 'Em Results and New Bowl Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pick 'em contest this year. Yeah, ESPN's game sucked compared to most of them out there; we'll not make that mistake again. Anyway, congrats to SECond2None, who lived up to the name by winning the group. Here are the top ten entries:

1. SECond2None, 583 points

2. Jams, 560 points

T-3. edgar_smith, 554

T-3. Year2, 554

5. hotsauce, 553

6. AuburnMisfit, 549

7. Gonna Wingo It, 538

8. The_LT, 534

9. RXPillPusher, 532

10. I bought A.J.'s jersey, 523

If you're interested, I've set up a bowl pick 'em group on Yahoo. There's only a couple days left to get picks in, but throw your set in the ring and see what happens. The group is Team Speed Kills, and the password is secspeed. Good luck!