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Sprints Has Ron Zook's Thoughts on Will Muschamp, and Miami's on Dan Mullen // 12.16.10

This was probably not an endorsement that Will Muschamp had hoped for
The good news is that there is a former Florida head coach who sees Muschamp having great success. The bad news is that that coach is Ron Zook.

I'll tell him the same thing they told me: He's got to do it his way and the way he feels comfortable. He'll be fine. He'll do a great job. He'll have a lot of fun and continued success.

Yes, Will. As a fan of another team in the SEC East, let me ask to please do things exactly the way Ron Zook did, with no change. That's the way to do a great job, I'll tell you.

Still doubt that concussions are deadly serious business?
This has been a consistent theme here and will continue to be a consistent theme here: We must do as much as possible to get concussions out of the game. Remember that Greg McElroy was in the running for Rhodes scholar shortly before getting knocked out of the Iron Bowl -- literally.

"Often times, I will be in the middle of a conversation and completely lose my train of thought or draw a blank on a word that I was able to find," McElroy said. "It was just a very confusing feeling and a very difficult feeling just because I feel I'm able to express myself through my words at a higher level than I feel like a lot of people can."

Yes, hard hits are part of why we enjoy watching the game. But nobody should be able to enjoy a hit so hard that it leaves an extremely intelligent man speechless.

Miami trustee has interesting view of the world

And UM was turned off by Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen's big ego, with one trustee saying he acts like he invented the game.

So, let me make sure I have this right: Miami -- DA U!!!1111!!!1 -- is accusing someone else involved in college football of having an ego? Granted, Mullen has always struck me as confident, and what looks like confidence at a distance can be arrogance. But we have a case here of pot, meet kettle.

I would ask the trustee this: Dan Mullen more than surpassed expectations of what was possible at Mississippi State this year based on the talent in Starkville. When was the last time Miami could say that?

The most-watched conference in the nation
The two highest-rated games in NCAA football this season and four more of the Top 10 are all SEC games.

Michael Haywood hired at Pitt
I don't see any indication that he will coach the bowl game against Kentucky.

Alabama pitching coach resigns
No one who knows why is talking about it.

The actual humanitarian
I jokingly call John Calipari a "noted humanitarian" most of the time, but in this case the Kentucky head coach has actually been nominated for a humanitarian award.