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Cam Newton Wins 2010 Heisman Trophy

The winner.
The winner.

Perhaps the Heisman Trophy results were already decided when the NCAA declared Cam Newton eligible for the final two games of the season. Maybe then it became impossible for Andrew Luck or LaMichael James or Kellen Moore to win the award. Probably, like all of Cam Newton's opponents this year, they just found it impossible to catch up.

Whatever you think about the recruitment of Cam Newton, the season he had is almost impossible to downplay. The Auburn quarterback is 10th in the nation in total offense, 15th in rushing yardage and tops in passing efficiency. Every team knew that the Tigers were going to try to defeat them with Cam Newton, and no one knew how to stop him. South Carolina was the only team that got a second chance to beat Auburn -- and they went from almost winning at Auburn to losing in Atlanta by the largest margin in SEC Championship Game history. Planning for him the second time proved to be no easier than trying to figure out how to stop him the first.

The numbers are jaw-dropping, and no one else can compare. If you just voted based on what happened on the football field, there was no way to leave Cam Newton off the ballot or even in second place, though a number of voters apparently did so anyway. The questions about integrity -- one of the standards for the award -- did take their toll, but not enough to keep Newton from claiming the hardware in the end.

Those questions don't go away, of course. The NCAA is still investigating and has made clear that it's not done with its enforcement. And the Heisman Trust will decide what to do if the NCAA makes some sort of decision on Cam Newton's eligibility.

But for now, Cam Newton is the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner. There's no doubt of that. And unless something else is found out about his recruitment, he will likely stay that way.