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For the Record: Combined BlogPoll Ballot for Week 14

Before we post this, I should note that I was persuaded by Year2 and others' reasoning for moving Michigan State ahead of Ohio State, so I flipped them from the order I had them on my original ballot.

Ties broken: Oklahoma-Nebraska-Boise State. I gave Boise the lowest slot because they had the lowest vote on either ballot and it seemed a reasonable compromise between Year2's vote (at No. 9) and mine (No. 14). Alabama-Missouri based on the Tide being an SEC team. Nevada-Texas A&M in a sort of swap for the Boise tiebreak. (Year2 had Nevada higher on his ballot than I had them on mine.) Mississippi State-Utah because the Western Division Bulldogs are an SEC member.

Tell us why we should be better about posting our drafts earlier in the comments.