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Dan Mullen Denies Leaking Cam Newton Information

On Paul Finebaum's show this afternoon, Ronnie Sanders of said he had five sources telling him that Dan Mullen was behind the leak about Cameron Newton's academics troubles at Florida. Lars Anderson of SI was also on and, while he stopped short of issuing a formal report, he said that everything he's heard also points to Mississippi State and not anyone at Florida.

At that point, Mullen was about the only character in the Newton saga not to have denied anything. Now, that has changed.

Mullen spoke with the Clarion-Ledger's Brandon Marcello after practice today and gave his denial. Mullen said he is a "big Cam Newton fan" and called the notion that he leaked information to Thayer Evans "absolutely ludicrous." Mullen also said he had nothing to gain from bad stories about Newton getting out and that he was too busy getting ready to play Alabama to worry about what's happening elsewhere.

So there you go. We now have a complete set of denials all around for this case. All that's left is to find out whose denials are untrue.