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Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Auburn
Only the NCAA or a nosy professor can stop them now.

2. LSU
On the rumors that General Grant was a drunkard, Abraham Lincoln once said: "Tell me what brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals." In that spirit, I would like LSU to tell South Carolina how Miles selects the grass he will eat during the game.

3. Arkansas
Arkansas appears to be hitting their stride right now, which means Bobby Petrino is already mapping out the quickest routes to nearby Kinkos.

4. Alabama
Droll Tide, droll. Don't think there aren't a few SEC coaches that are laughing at seeing Nick Saban's team finally running into some adversity.

5. Mississippi State
I came thisclose to putting the Western Division Bulldogs ahead of the Tide, but we'll know soon enough if they should be there.

6. Florida
This is a power poll, and I'm leaning toward choosing Florida for the game this weekend. So they pretty much have to go ahead of South Carolina.

7. South Carolina
You know, if the Gamecocks were to get really creative, they might be able to make it to where they played all their SEC games before November. That might mean they would lose to Louisiana-Lafayette near Thanksgiving, but it would be worth the SEC Championship.

8. Georgia
So are they, like, good now and stuff?

9. Ole Miss
Houston Nutt still has a target on his list: LSU. Just sayin'.

10. Kentucky
First month of the season: This could be South Carolina's year to win it all. Second month of the season: This could be Kentucky's year to win it all. Third month of the season: South Carolina and Kentucky go to midtier bowls. This happens every year. Why are we surprised when it happens every year?

11. Tennessee
You do generally have to win an SEC game at some point in your career. I mean, even Croom won a few.

12. Vanderbilt