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College Football's Unbeatens: Week 10

It's time to check in on college football's undefeated teams again as we did last week. First, here's how our count this year compares with the previous five seasons.

  • 2006 (7): Ohio State, USC, Michigan, West Virginia, Louisville, Boise State, Rutgers
  • 2007 (6): Ohio State, South Florida, Boston College, Arizona State, Kansas, Hawai'i
  • 2008 (9): Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Utah, Boise State, Ball State, Tulsa
  • 2009 (7): Florida, Texas, Alabama, Cincinnati, Boise State, Iowa, TCU
  • 2010 (5): Oregon, Boise State, Auburn, TCU, Utah

Teams are listed in order of rank in the AP Poll.

As you can see, we're actually ahead of schedule slightly compared with 2007 when it comes to taking down undefeated teams. Two of them fell last weekend as Michigan State turned back into Michigan State and Missouri turned back into Missouri. Sparty face planted on the road at Iowa, while Missouri wilted at the feet of Nebraska.

Someone must fall

After a week away from it, we get another match up of undefeated teams as TCU and Utah meet up. I'm feeling TCU in the game even though it's in Salt Lake City. TCU put away Oregon State despite some sloppiness and destroyed Big 12 South leader (for now) Baylor. Utah got taken to overtime by Pitt and squeaked by an Air Force team that the Horned Frogs beat 38-7.

Danger, Will Robinson!

This is a bit of a stretch, but something has to go here. Boise State is playing Hawai'i, the only WAC team that has defeated the Broncos in recent years. Hawai'i also has a very potent offense, as it's finally got the engine on it revved back up in the post-June Jones era.

Of course the game is on the Smurf Turf, and it's kicking off at 9:30 AM Hawai'i time. The Warriors beat Nevada and pushed USC for three quarters, so who knows? I'm not putting this high on the Upset Alert board, but it's the best of what's left.

A milder warning to you, sir

Oregon's buzz saw is back home after jetting down to L.A. to stomp USC. It now gets to play Washington, who just lost to Stanford 41-0. The Stanford team that Oregon beat 52-31. The transitive property isn't a firm law in college football, of course, but I wouldn't give the Huskies a terribly great chance to pull of the upset in Eugene. You generally have to play defense to beat No. 1 ranked teams, and UW is 106th in the nation in scoring defense.

Enjoy the couch

Auburn is essentially enjoying the couch as it gets Chattanooga for homecoming this weekend. The Mocs are one of the better I-AA teams, but I think Cam Newton playing by himself would probably be ranked top 10 in the I-AA division. This will be a game for a quarter, or maybe a half at the absolute most. Former Tennessee quarterback B.J. Coleman gets to return to an SEC stadium, which is nice, but that's about the end of the interest with this one.