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Other Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Auburn
One more game on the road to Pasadena Glendale, which is actually quite far from Pasadena.

2. Arkansas
Have the best quarterback and the worst timing in the league.

3. LSU
Apparently, the defense missed the plan to Little Rock.

4. South Carolina
If they met on a neutral field right now, do I think that South Carolina would defeat Alabama? Probably. Besides, there's not really any reason to think that homerism or hubris is going to cost the Gamecocks a win this weekend.

5. Alabama
Nick Saban Equilibrium has returned. Next year will be another 10+-win season.

6. Mississippi State
The difference between an SEC West title run and being a fringe bowl contender might depend on whether Dan Mullen gets a call from South Beach.

7. Florida
Urban Meyer now has a recurring nightmare: He looks in the mirror and sees Ron Zook.

8. Georgia
The defense was better this year but the offense took a step sideways. If this team puts both of them together next year, it could be a dangerous one in an even more wide-open East. 

9. Tennessee
Nice first regular season for Derek Dooley. Maybe he'll stay for more than a year.

10. Kentucky

11. Ole Miss
What do you want me to say about them?

12. Vanderbilt
You finally have a reason for the rest of the conference to cheer for you, and you fire him.