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Giving Thanks 2010

It's really easy when something good happens to you to say that you're humbled or blessed, that you're thankful. It's the thing to say, after all, so that you don't call too much attention to yourself or don't seem arrogant or whatever.

So allow me a moment to say it and be sincere.

It was almost two years ago, in about March of 2009 somewhere, that this site hit an all-time low in hits. It wasn't even drawing 4,000 visits a month. It was a new blog, the offseason was in full swing and I knew absolutely nothing about basketball. Truth be told, I also wasn't updating it as frequently as I should have been. It's hard to be all that motivated when your site is getting around 100 hits per day, and you know that some of that is coming from people who want to find a bowl for their eggs, not read a four-month-old post about the Egg Bowl.

About that time, Year2 got more involved in the site, and it started to grow. I started doing things better -- Sprints, for example, began around that time frame -- and things started to take off. On a good day, we know surpass the monthly total from that time period in 24 hours. And, minus a speed bump here and there, we're still growing.

I say that as an introduction to saying this: I am truly thankful for all of you. First of all, for Year2, who has helped to make this site far better than it would be with myself alone. But secondly, for all of the readers who dedicate just a few minutes of your day to reading what we write.

And I am grateful for it more because of that time when it felt like there were only two or three people that were listening. That gives you a perspective. It keeps you from taking for granted whatever measure of success that you achieve.

So I wanted to say that I am thankful for you, but also that I am thankful to you.

And I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.