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Half the BlogPoll Ballot

Here I am again rushing to get this out today, so let me know if something is out of whack. I think the only potentially controversial thing is having three-loss Texas A&M over two-loss Nebraska, but A&M beat the Huskers, has only lost to three top-15 teams, and Nebraska has a bad loss to Texas.

1. Auburn

2. Oregon

3. Boise State

4. TCU

5. LSU

6. Wisconsin

7. Ohio State

8. Stanford

9. Oklahoma State

10. Alabama

Oklahoma State edges Alabama for now thanks to having only one loss and a couple of extra wins over .500 or above teams. Boise State stays ahead of TCU for now and will stay there with a win over Nevada. The MWC has been down this year, and positive surprises from Hawai'i and Toledo help bolster the Broncos to a degree.

11. Arkansas

12. Michigan State

13. Missouri

14. Oklahoma

15. Texas A&M

16. Nebraska

17. Virginia Tech

18. South Carolina

19. Arizona

20. NC State

21. FSU

22. Nevada

23. Utah

24. Iowa

25. Mississippi State

If I could have cut off this poll after 18, I would have. Alas.