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Year2's Week 12 Picks

Last Week: 5-2

Season: 66-16

We don't have too many more weeks of this, so savor it while you can. I'm going to pass on claiming Alabama's win over Georgia State as a correct pick because I didn't post anything about it, but rest assured I had the Tide taking that one. The games are listed, as always, in schedule order.


Hello, trap game. Troy hasn't quite been its normal self this year, but that doesn't mean the Trojans aren't any good. They're playing for bowl eligibility and would love to get it this way. I don't think the Gamecocks will blow this one, but they are the team that lost to Kentucky right after beating Alabama.

South Carolina 34, Troy 20


I don't know what to expect from this Florida team anymore. It's fully capabale of winning this game by 50. It's fully capable of losing if it plays like it did against Miami (OH) or South Carolina. I think the Gators are going to win, but I have no clear idea what's coming beyond that.

Florida 40, App State 17


It says a lot about the day's games that this one is CBS's showcase game. I think the Miss State-Arkansas contest is far more interesting, but with Auburn and Alabama on the couch tomorrow, they went with the highest ranked team available. It should be a spicy one, but LSU's defense should win the day.

LSU 31, Ole Miss 21


This is a classic battle of styles, with Arkansas's potent offense facing Mississippi State's stout defense. I was interested enough to break out my old score projection method for this one (don't have time to explain now; search the archives for details), and it gave me this: Arkansas 26, Miss State 23 with a 448-329 edge for the Razorbacks in yardage. Sounds good to me.

Arkansas 26, Mississippi State 23


It wasn't that long ago that I figured this game would be for last place in the East. Now that Tennessee has found some offense with Tyler Bray, it doesn't look that way anymore. Vandy should keep it interesting for a half though.

Tennessee 43, Vandy 16