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SEC Suspends Bruce Pearl for First Eight Conference Games

In case you forgot, the SEC has been multitasking this year when it comes to scandal. Returning to the spotlight: Bruce Pearl.

Pearl got himself in hot water over improper phone calls and hosting recruits at his house who were only juniors in high school. What's worse is that he lied to the NCAA, something that Tennessee hammered he and his coaching staff about.

The stiff penalties from the school weren't enough for the SEC, apparently, as the league office is suspending Pearl for the first eight conference games. That's half the conference season, if you're unfamiliar with the basketball schedule. The money quote from Slive:

"The suspension from coaching duties has been imposed after a careful review of the facts established during the NCAA’s investigation and reported to the SEC office," said Slive.  "I am extremely disappointed in the nature of the violations involving Coach Pearl and the Tennessee men’s basketball program.  The penalty applied to this circumstance is significant, which is consistent with the directive approved by the SEC membership in 2010 granting the Commissioner authority to act in such cases."