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Half the BlogPoll Ballot

Auburn: No. 1 until it loses, basically.
Auburn: No. 1 until it loses, basically.

It's been a really hectic week for me so far, so I've been behind on a lot of stuff around here. I'm not doing a power poll ballot this week because I don't disagree with any of cocknfire's placement. So, that just leaves the BlogPoll.

1. Auburn

2. Oregon

3. Boise State

4. TCU

5. LSU

6. Wisconsin

7. Stanford

8. Nebraska

9. Ohio State

10. Michigan State

Oregon now has one kinda sketchy close win. Get two more, and they'll be right where Auburn is. Except, of course, with three fewer wins over ranked teams. I moved Boise State above TCU because the Frogs' best opponents (Baylor and Utah) are cratering while Virginia Tech is the unquestioned leader of the ACC. I'm not sure if Wisconsin should be above Stanford and if Nebraska should be above Ohio State. Any thoughts?

11. Alabama

12. Oklahoma State

13. Arkansas

14. Missouri

15. Oklahoma

16. South Carolina

17. Texas A&M

18. Mississippi State

19. Virginia Tech

20. USC

21. Iowa

22. Arizona

23. Nevada

24. Miami (FL)

25. Florida State

Arkansas faded from view after its loss to Auburn, but the Razorbacks are putting together quite a season. Mississippi State is one marquee win away from passing up the teams ahead of it; it's hard to fine a better set of losses than three to top ten teams. They Bulldogs just haven't beaten anyone better than Florida yet. In some ways I wish I could rank Oklahoma lower, but its losses aren't horrendous and the Sooners only have two of them.