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Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Auburn
I might have thought about dropping them, but I didn't want to get punched.

2. LSU
How exactly do you score 51 points with 251 total offensive yards and those quarterbacks?

3. Alabama
Fans should really enjoy the long-awaited return of Bill Curry. It gives Nick Saban another week to plan for the Auburn game.

4. Arkansas
Bobby Petrino has figured out that running backs can do more than pass block.

5. South Carolina
The SEC East might not be what it has been the last several years, but the championship still counts.

6. Mississippi State
Way to emphasize your return to relevance.

7. Florida
If they had not defeated every other SEC East team, they might not be No. 7. Got blasted by a South Carolina team that probably isn't quite as good as they looked Saturday.

8. Georgia
I'm sold that this team will be better in 2011, I'm just not sure how much better it will be.

9. Tennessee
There is an offense in Knoxville after all. Too bad they waited until November to use it.

10. Kentucky
You allowed 400 yards of offense to Vanderbilt?!?

11. Vanderbilt
If South Carolina can win the division, there's hope.

12. Ole Miss
The season didn't get worse on Saturday, but only because nothing could make Ole Miss' season worse at this point.