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Auburn Wins the SEC West, and the Questions Mean Something: Auburn 49, Georgia 31

Newton wins again. For now.
Newton wins again. For now.

This should be a night of unbridled joy for Auburn fans, and to an extent I'm sure that it is. But there also has to be that question rolling around in the back of all of their minds: We won the SEC West, but how long will it last? Is this the end of a story of redemption and triumphing over adversity, or is it the first step toward a championship bid that will eventually end covered in controversy and tarnish?

And while all the talk was about Cameron Newton and whether he would play, and while he was once again the essential cog in the Auburn offense, a variety of other stars showed why he is one of many talented players on the nation's No. 2 team. Onterrio McCalebb and Michael Dyer combined for almost 150 yards rushing and three touchdowns. The defense didn't exactly shut down Georgia, but it did enough when it counted to keep the Tigers in control.

Give Georgia credit for putting up a good fight. The Dawgs looked for a time like they might win it, but key parts of this team are still green enough to come up just a bit short. It's hope for the future, even as the loss adds to the long and sorrowful song that has been the 2010 season.

Gene Chizik also needs some provisional applause for the win. The on-sides kick at the beginning of the second half worked to perfection. And if he decided to play Newton, and if his eligibility is never retroactively removed, it will have been the right call at the right time.

But we are a long way from that answer yet. Perhaps too long for many Auburn fans. They have waited a long time to get back to the verge of a national title, and they should be happy tonight for what this team has accomplished. Let tomorrow handle itself. The answers to the questions will come soon, if not quite soon enough.