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Has Cam Newton's Eligibility Status Changed for Georgia?

I don't know if this is a real shift in tone on Cam Newton's status or just the fact that Auburn is trying to avoid fueling the story, but this article would not make me comfortable were I an Auburn fan:

Athletic department spokesman Kirk Sampson said Friday the school had "no comment" when asked about Newton's status. Coach Gene Chizik had said Wednesday the Heisman Trophy front-runner "will be playing Saturday," but hasn't spoken publicly on the issue since.

Jay Jacobs has said much the same thing.

It should be noted here that no comment means just that -- the school isn't saying that Newton won't play, and there are other reasons they might not be eager to put a lot of information out there right now. Of course, Auburn could also gain some measure of competitive advantage by making Georgia wonder on the eve of the game if he's playing.

So let's not overreact until we hear the official word from Auburn that he won't play. But as long as they won't answer the questions, it's fair to ask them.


This muddies the waters even further:

Latest w/ Cam Newton: NCAA has made Auburn aware of potential eligibility issue. Now Auburn decides whether to risk playing him. Their risk.less than a minute ago via web

I guess we're about to find out how all-in Auburn really is.