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Year2's Week 11 Picks

Last Week: 7-1

Season: 61-14

My picks from last week look really nice, but there were only two games that were in any kind of doubt. I went 1-1 on those, hitting on Arkansas but missing on LSU. I had no idea what kind of advantage you get from eating grass.

Anyway, this week isn't a whole lot better when it comes to marquee games, though there are plenty of battles to be found. The games are listed in schedule order, as always.


I really laid out what's on the line in this game here. I don't really hold out much hope for the defenses in this one, as these two teams should deliver a WAC-like shootout. In the end, I'll take Jeremiah Masoli over true freshman Tyler Bray.

Ole Miss 48, Tennessee 37


It's pretty sad that we're into November, these two teams have one SEC win apiece, and yet they're playing for sole possession of fourth in the SEC East. It's been that kind of year. Vandy should show some spunk, but the Wildcats are easily the better team.

Kentucky 38, Vanderbilt 24


I went over this game here. I'm also issuing two picks based on whether Cam Newton plays or not. It's not Vegas, and I make the rules in this picks column.

Newton plays: Auburn 44, Georgia 38

Newton sits: Georgia 41, Auburn 27


The only thing that could keep this close is if Arkanas is napping after destroying South Carolina last week. Given that the Razorbacks are still in the running for the SEC's BCS at large bid (you know one's coming), I don't expect to see much snoozing going on.

Arkansas 52, UTEP 20


I'm beyond calling for LSU to win in huge blowouts. This team plays to the level of the competition, and ULM is not much competition.

LSU 31, ULM 10


I got into this one here as well. It should be close throughout, but I think at the moment, Florida's headed in the right direction and South Carolina is not. Had this game been played in late September or early October, I'd pick the Gamecocks by two touchdowns.

Florida 34, South Carolina 27


Remember that Mississippi State actually plays football? I wouldn't be surprised if Bama fans give these Bulldogs a cheer when they come out of the tunnel for everything that's happened since last week. If those Bulldogs are not distracted by the media storm surrounding the program, then I give them a great shot at winning. Their defense is overlooked and the offense can control the clock with its running game. I just wonder if that program can handle all of the attention. It hasn't been in the spotlight in this way in a long time.

Alabama 24, Mississippi State 12