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Don't Tune Into LSU-Florida for the Offense

We all already knew that LSU and Florida aren't exactly tearing up the field on offense this season. On a per-play basis, here's how they stack up against the SEC's best team and the nation's best player so far:


The Tigers and Gators are right around the same place at just over five yards a play. That's about two and a half yards behind Arkansas, who is tops in the conference at 7.61 yards per play. Denard Robinson is averaging a shade under 10 yards a play, nearly double what this weekend's combatants in Gainesville are managing.

It's unlikely that those averages will improve as LSU is allowing 4.04 yards per play, and Florida is allowing 4.77 yards per play. If you're a fan of punts and punt returns, this game is appointment television on Saturday night.