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Sprints Might Listen to Vince Dooley on the Subject of Georgia Coaches // 10.06.10


You could have a worse endorsement if you're Mark Richt
There might be one person other than Mark Richt who can help save Mark Richt's job. And he has spoken out on the Georgia coach's behalf.

"Any coach is going to go through tough times, I don't care who you are," [Vince] Dooley said Monday. "When he came here, he won a championship his second year. (Richt has been) consistently winning 10 football games. So he's going through a tough time. That's what happens. ... A coach has to address it, analyze it, make some decisions and go forward. And I'm sure he'll do that."

The problem with some of Dooley's examples in defense of Richt is that they happened in a different era. Even Joe Paterno had people calling for his job when he went through the losing seasons at the beginning of this decade. And Bobby Bowden is probably an example Richt would rather Dooley have not used.

Do we still have the black jerseys?
Mark Richt has the solution to the 1-4 start this year: He's going to be the first one to run onto the field against Tennessee this week. Presumably to give Athens residents an opportunity to unload their tomatoes before the players leave the tunnel.

I'm not sure this isn't something of a set-up
But we'll see. The Mayor unveils the people Georgia should not consider to replace Mark Richt. My only quibble is with his description of Dan Mullen as "an intelligible Ed Orgeron" -- I've always been impressed by Mullen when I've seen him speak, and it should be noted that Orgeron never went 5-7.

Here comes UGA VIII to ... help save Richt?
One doubts it. In any case, all we know is that he's a "big" dog and will be in Uga VI's direct line.


Given all the attention to Mike Pouncey's snaps this year, what do you think Steve Addazio's reaction would be to the inevitable question about his center's job security? Exasperated dismissal? A knowing shrug?

Nope. Try shock.

"Change for what? Absolutely not," Addazio said. "Are you kidding me? We're talking about a first-round draft pick, the best offensive lineman in America and a phenomenal football player and the leader on this football team."

Apparently, Pouncey has graded out as a "champion" in every game this year. How anyone associated with the offense in Alabama's game graded out as a champion is a question we'll leave for another day.

But Pouncey is Florida's center.

Florida-LSU taken off the board
The reason: John Brantley might not play.

Which is news to Florida
Or at least Steve Addazio. Keep in mind this is the same Addazio that was surprised that someone would ask him about Mike Pouncey.

During interviews Tuesday, offensive coordinator Steve Addazio was asked if Brantley would be playing against LSU. Addazio said: "He’s doing great." ...

Of course, last Thursday, the word from the football team was that starting place-kicker Caleb Sturgis also was battling through pain after injuring his back a few weeks ago lifting weights. Then it was learned on Friday that Sturgis would not make the trip to Alabama and could miss as many as eight weeks.

Completely different situation. Just because.

What could you possibly be talking about?
Steve Spurrier at his Tuesday press conference:

He said that losing an SEC game makes you a dummy.

He was just setting himself up for this ...

"Sometimes you can win and still be a dummy," Spurrier said, eyes widening and grin stretching across his face. "We've learned that recently."

I'm missing it. It's not like there's been a recent game in the SEC that was won despite ... oh.

Bruce Pearl has a history of recruiting missteps
Tennessee fans will likely find some way to blame this on John Calipari.

Secret Agent Men | We're not done yet. Next up: Nebraska
When did John Blake ever have time to coach football? Now he's tied to calls to Ndamukong Suh shortly before the NFL Draft. Suh and his family say that Blake did not recommend an agent to them, though Suh's mother helpfully adds that "even if he did, it's none of your business -- it's nobody's business," a notion with which the NCAA will likely disagree.