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Poll Watching: The Coaches Are Terrible, But You Knew That

If there's one thing that everyone in college football should be able to agree with, it's that the Coaches' Poll is an embarrassment that should not factor into the post season. The coaches are busy with their own teams and schedules, and they do not pay attention to what happens outside their own conferences. They clearly don't watch any games.

That's the only way that you can make this week's Coaches' Poll make sense, and even then, you'd have to be an exceptionally lazy box score watcher to end up with this mess.

Alabama is a near-unanimous No. 1, and that's fine. So is Auburn at No. 8. LSU actually moved up a spot after needed a near-miraculous second chance to beat an unranked and severely undermanned Tennessee team. It's as though these coaches didn't even see the highlight package of this game.

In other hilarity, Florida fell from No. 7 to No. 12 after losing badly to Alabama. That in and of itself isn't bad, until you notice that Arkansas is at No. 13. The same Arkansas team that led Bama for 57 minutes and only lost by four. No matter how you determine it, home field advantage is not worth 21 points. South Carolina, for its part, advanced a couple spots to No. 20 after taking the weekend off.

The AP Poll is a bit more sane, with Alabama near-unanimously the top team and Auburn also at eight. Arkansas is 11th with Florida 14th, the proper order for those two teams. LSU held firm at 12 and even picked up a few points, but I have a feeling that's as much as anything a consequence of teams like UF and Stanford falling behind the Tigers after suffering beat downs. South Carolina edged up to 19.