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Yahoo! Sports: John Blake Recruited Dareus, Saunders for Agent

The Agentgate saga has slowed down a bit from the SEC's standpoint with Marcell Dareus's suspension over and Weslye Saunders booted off of South Carolina's team.

Yahoo! Sports's staff has continued to dig into the matter though, and it revealed that John Blake tried to recruit Dareus and Saunders to sign with his agent buddy Gary Wichard. The source here is Dareus himself, who told the NCAA that Blake contacted both of them over the summer.

Yahoo! Sports got a hold of Dareus's testimony to NCAA investigators from a source within the organization, which is how it got this information. Dareus was completely forthcoming about his relationship with Blake, which never ended despite Dareus signing with Alabama. At this point, we can probably say that giving the NCAA the smoking gun on Blake is more likely to be the "extenuating circumstances" that led to Dareus's suspension being cut in half than the state of his mother at the time of the South Beach party.

Things just keep getting worse and worse for UNC as more information trickles out. How the school can avoid anything more than what USC got for Reggie Bush is anyone's guess, if it's even possible.