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Topics for Discussion // 10.03.10

Who's the favorite in the SEC East? South Carolina might have looked the best among the division's teams Saturday, but only because the Gamecocks were on a bye. Florida was waxed by Alabama and Georgia lost to Colorado. Kentucky, Tennessee and Vanderbilt all lost as well. The Dawgs are all but mathematically eliminated, the Wildcats and Volunteers are close behind and no one expects a championship run from the Commodores. By process of elimination, that leaves South Carolina and Florida; who've you got?

Alabama's odds of winning the SEC West are now at ... Meanwhile, the West has looked almost as good as the East has looked mediocre. Auburn, LSU and even Arkansas all have a reasonable chance at winning the division, but Alabama has to lose at least once for any of them to do so. Who's got the best chance of taking the division if Alabama doesn't? Or is that even a question worth asking at this point?

Is LSU ever going to lose a game? We always knew that Les Miles had a trunk full of rabbits' feet, but this is getting more than a little bit ridiculous. That said, the Bayou Bengals are 5-0 and the only team in the SEC that has defeated five BCS teams. And all the wins count the same in the standings, whether you win them by 17 in convincing fashion or two in a last-second slapstick comedy. The Tigers' ceiling for this season is ...

How many games does Georgia win the rest of the season? Here's the schedule: Tennessee, Vanderbilt, at Kentucky, vs. Florida, Idaho State, at Auburn and Georgia Tech. So there's the sure win against Idaho State, maybe Vanderbilt, and then ... Is Vanderbilt even a sure thing at this point? Do you think Mark Richt even makes it to the Georgia Tech game without being fired?

True or false: The league's best chance at a Heisman Trophy is Cameron Newton. Ryan Mallett and Mark Ingram both began the season as front-runners, but the loss to Alabama is an obstacle for the former, and the latter has only 308 yards on the season after missing the first two games and getting just 47 yards Saturday. Is Newton the best candidate of the three? Is Ingram still in the race to repeat? Am I missing a candidate?