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Sprints Applauds Suspension for Helmet-to-Helmet Hits, Still Hates the Cowbell Rule // 10.27.10

And now we applaud the SEC for getting a rule right
Chris Hughes of Mississippi State has been suspended for the Kentucky game following a helmet-to-helmet hit against UAB's Frantrell Forrest. This follows a less-noticed suspension of Rodney Paulk, probably because ESPN's analysts were too busy predicting that the NFL rules would be the end of the sport of football. (Really, that's not an exaggeration of what some of them said.)

Which, as anyone who watched NFL football on Sunday knows, they were not. We can have football without causing injuries that are driving people to suicide -- and it can still be fun.

This is only going to get more inane, isn't it?
Your new ridiculous phrase created by the ridiculous cowbell controversy? "Respect the bell," courtesy of Dan Mullen. (No word on whether he added, "Become one with the bell.")

But Mullen also said something that is right and should be the main point in this argument: "Ringing a cowbell won't win us a game."

Which, of course, means ringing a cowbell won't cost the other team a game.

Steve Spurrier didn't call all the plays at Vanderbilt, but he still called 'a lot' of them
Spurrier has generally been vague over the last few years at South Carolina about who's calling the plays when, and it generally goes in cycles throughout the year. My guess is that he's just doing what he usually does with quarterbacks -- go with the hot hand, and his hand was pretty cold after the end of the Kentucky game.

'Is that what the Germans would have said?'
Derek Dooley is not pleased with his players' effort in practice, which is probably a state that all coaches find themselves in at some point in the long football season. But Dooley's expectations do seem a bit, um, high.

It’s human nature not to be able to wake up every day and bring your best. So how do you do it? When you’re not feeling right, you demand it out of you. And you push yourself through it when it’s hard, and then it becomes what you do. There is no other option. It doesn’t matter if your hurting -- ‘I’m sick, I’ve got the flu, I’ve got the swine flu.’ It doesn’t matter. [Emphasis added]

Yeah, sure. You've got tuberculosis. You say that like it should keep you from practicing or something.

Fingers crossed /sarcasm
Chris Rainey could play at running back in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party -- IF HE PLAYS, of course.

And the NCAA -- they're still fair game for their stupid decisions
Kentucky's former players couldn't participate in the team's Blue-White Game. Is it because it's against the rules for former players to take part in a scrimmage? Well ...

Spokesman Chuck Wynne said NCAA bylaws allow for former student-athletes to practice with the current team on an occasional basis. However, they cannot participate in a scrimmage with the current team that is open, publicized and has an admission charge.

Does it have to be all three? In other words, is it okay if it's open and has an admission charge but not publicized? Does it matter if the head coach's dog is named Rover or not?

I'm trying to figure out the reason for this rule, and I can't see any. I might be able to see some reason for the rule if it were a blanket ban on former players coming back -- though in fairness, I'd probably think that was also pretty stupid.

Which is pretty much what I'm going to think about this rule unless someone can give me a reason for it.