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Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Cam Newton
This actually counts as a vote for Auburn, but let's not underestimate the difference he makes on this football team.

2. Alabama
Oh, yeah, they're still great. It had almost gotten hard to remember that for a while there, hadn't it?

3. LSU
Did somebody get the license plate of that Brinks truck?

4. Mississippi State
We'll give you a letdown game after the win against Florida last week. But you better be ready for Kentucky this week; they don't tend to be so kind.

5. South Carolina
Giving fans heart attacks during the Vanderbilt game is not cool, mkay?

6. Arkansas
If Ryan Mallett can't play, this team is going to be headed down and quick-like.

7. Georgia
I'm not yet in the "if they had played like this all year, they could have won the SEC East" camp. But they could have had a heck of a lot better year than they've been having.

8. Florida
Whether you've watched him every Saturday or not, Urban, Cam Newton would have had your team in the Top 25 nationally and the top half of this list. But not being ranked at Florida is no big deal; just ask Ron Zook.

9. Kentucky
Either South Carolina is a lot worse than anyone thinks they are, Kentucky had a terrible game or the upset in Lexington was a fluke. Or the letdown effect is a lot more important than anyone thought.

10. Ole Miss
Jeremiah Masoli is the difference between this team being a fringe bowl candidate and an 0-12 season. Yes, I said 0-12.

11. Tennessee
What, exactly, does Matt Simms mean by being "in rhythm"?

12. Vanderbilt
A typical game against one of the other SEC East teams gets you a typical Vanderbilt ranking.