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Half the Blogpoll Ballot

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I didn't have much time to write this up for the Monday draft deadline, so please let me know of any bad anomalies.


I will say this though - I fail to see how you can rank anyone ahead of Auburn anymore. Auburn has defeated four ranked teams, more than any other team. Those four teams, absent Auburn's wins, are 23-3 with two of those losses coming to Alabama (7-1, unanimous top 10) and LSU (7-0 minus loss to Auburn, unanimous top 15).

It's true that if you're going by the eyeball test, someone more flashy like Oregon might take your top vote. However, no oneand it's an indisputable no onehas accomplished more in the way of wins than Auburn has.

Also, Nevada wins the 25th and final spot over USC. Neither has beaten anyone better than Cal (over whom USC has the better win), but a loss at home to Washington is worse than Nevada's road loss to Hawai'i.


1. Auburn

2. Oregon

3. Michigan State

4. Boise State

5. TCU

6. Missouri

7. Alabama

8. LSU

9. Oklahoma

10. Wisconsin

11. Arizona

12. Ohio State

13. Utah

14. Nebraska

15. Iowa

16. Florida State

17. Stanford

18. South Carolina

19. Mississippi State

20. Arkansas

21. Oklahoma State

22. Virginia Tech

23. Miami (FL)

24. Baylor

25. Nevada