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College Football Ups and Downs, Week 8


Takeup_medium OREGON
Don't blame Chip Kelly for going for two -- Bret Bielema's card told him to do it.

Takeup_medium MARK DANTONIO
Wins second game of the season due to fake kick. Somebody keep an eye on his heart.

Takeup_medium BAYLOR
Bears are ranked for the first time since -- have they ever been ranked? -- after defeating Kansas State in a shootout. Larry Scott, time to update your Pac-12 expansion plans.

Takedown_medium TEXAS
Loses to Iowa State for the first time ever. What's next, a home loss to Baylor? By the way, who do they play next week?

Takedown_medium ACC
Virginia Tech is now 4-0 in the conference and could win its division. Again: A team that lost to James Madison could go to a BCS bowl.