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College Football's Unbeatens: Week 8

I'm seeing more and more that folks are comparing this season to 2007 thanks to a lack of overly dominant teams and two straight weeks with No. 1 losing. I can't say I argue a whole lot.

One way that it's not 2007 again, at this point at least, is in the number of undefeated teams. Here's how 2010 compares with seven weeks in the book with the five previous seasons:

  • 2006 (7): Ohio State, USC, Michigan, West Virginia, Louisville, Boise State, Rutgers
  • 2007 (6): Ohio State, South Florida, Boston College, Arizona State, Kansas, Hawai'i
  • 2008 (10): Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, BYU, Utah, Boise State, Ball State, Tulsa
  • 2009 (7): Alabama, Florida, Texas, Cincinnati, Boise State, Iowa, TCU
  • 2010 (10): Oregon, Boise State, Oklahoma, TCU, Auburn, LSU, Michigan State, Utah, Oklahoma State, Missouri

Teams listed in order of rank in the AP Poll.

It was evident this early on in 2007 that a two-loss champion could be on the table. We're nowhere close to that this fall. However, we have a great chance of shedding quite a few undefeated teams this weekend.

Someone must fall

Auburn and LSU play each other this weekend. So do Oklahoma and Missouri. Those facts mean that we're losing two undefeated teams for sure on Saturday. Auburn and Oklahoma are the favorites for now as Auburn can score a lot while LSU can't, and in case you've forgotten 2007 for real, Bob Stoops owns Gary Pinkel.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Oklahoma State is undefeated, but not by much. The Cowboys have a pair of three-point wins over Troy and Texas A&M. Visiting Stillwater this weekend is a Nebraska team that's angrier than a knocked down hornet's nest. The Cornhuskers also are known to play defense a lot of the time, something that can't really be said of OSU's opponents so far. 

A milder warning to you, sir

Oregon has the Jekyll and Hyde-like UCLA Bruins coming for a visit. There are a number of notorious WTF generators involved here: the shorthanded Oregon defense (missing three starters), UCLA's 2010 team, and the Thursday night ESPN game. Much of 2007's carnage came on Thursdays. The Ducks' offense should be able to run away with this one, but you never know.

Also of this ilk is the Air Force-TCU game in Fort Worth. Air Force fell to San Diego State probably because of looking ahead to this one, and the option offense is always a tough draw. However, AFA only pushes TCU at home generally, and TCU's defense is on a huge roll having allowed three points in the last three games.

Less of an issue is Michigan State's trip to Northwestern. It is a road game, but Evanston is not generally known as being a hostile place. The Wildcats' 5-1 record is deceptive too, as it contains a two point win over Vandy and a one point win over Minnesota (plus a loss to Purdue).

Finally, Utah is hosting a lousy Colorado State team. It might make the second time in three weeks that the Utes break 60 points.

Enjoy the couch

Boise State is idle this week, not that the players will notice much of a difference over their normal WAC schedule.