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Um, Now What? Colorado 29, Georgia 27

Forget the seat -- Mark Richt's entire office has to be on fire right about now.

If, in fact, the Georgia coach loses his job after (or during) this season or after another disappointing year in 2011, the loss tonight to a Colorado team where only Dan Hawkin's buyout has saved his job will be seen as Richt's Waterloo, the point at which his situation became untenable. The only chance for Richt to still be around might be to find a way to explain Saturday's win.

Once again, the problem seems to be the defense. Colorado rang up 393 yards against the Dawgs -- 60 more than their season average, a mean that was compiled against Colorado State, California and Hawaii. (Only Hawaii allowed more yards to the Buffaloes offense.) Sure, Georgia outgained Colorado by 16 yards, but that was more than offset by the two turnovers. More of the same for Georgia fans who have been seeing the same things for three years now.

Thing is, this was supposed to be the turning point for Georgia's season because of A.J. Green -- and Green lived up to the hype despite being limited by cramps. He had seven catches for 119 yards and 2 TDs, including a phenomenal one-handed grab early.

Which probably doesn't help Richt in the least. When even his best weapon can't help him win against a mid-tier Big XII team, it's worth wondering whether there's anything that can help him at all.