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Sprints Is Reviewing New Mascots, from Rebel Black Bears to Bulldogs // 10.15.10


Habemus dogam
We have a picture and a few details about the new Uga, who will take the field against Vanderbilt. I'm not one to root for the Dawgs but -- Georgia, don't lose to Vanderbilt with the new mascot on hand.

Sonny Seiler, who's in charge of this kind of thing:

We came to the conclusion that this dog had all the physical attributes that we look for in a Georgia mascot. He is the grandson of Uga VI. He is only 13 months old. He already weighs 55 lbs. and we think that he has an excellent head. We made the choice based on experience and I’m confident the Bulldog Nation will be pleased when he is introduced Saturday.

One thing I know is to not make fun of Ugas, because they are venerated figures within the Georgia community. But, if I might ask, how does one get the "experience" necessary to be Uga? Or am I misreading the meaning of "made the choice based on experience," as Seiler puts it?

Nutt unconcerned with mascot change
Houston Nutt doesn't care that he's a bear. Or a Rebel Black Bear. Or a Rebel. I'm not really sure what to call them now. And Nutt doesn't seem to know or care.

I know we’re Ole Miss Rebels, I know now we’re a black bear. But I’m worried about a different type of animal right now -- I’m worried about them elephants.

Actually, they're the Crimson Tide. Or the Crimson Tide Elephants, or ... Why does any team in the conference really feel like it can make fun of Auburn?


Urban Meyer doesn't know when his players are injured
Jeff Demps has gone from probable to 50-50. Again. This time, it's for the Mississippi State game this weekend.

Why, head football coach Urban Meyer, do things keep changing with one of the football player's injury status?

I don't know. I ask the same exact question. How does that happen? ... And the whole thing is about, they tell me, if he can run without pain.

So, yeah, it's totally on the medical staff. No attempt to head fake the opponent or give out misinformation. Nope.

It's been 10 days since his surgery, so why not?
Chris Marve is now expected to take the field against Georgia.

The Kentucky offensive line is very good
I don't always put every stat story in Sprints because there are a lot of them, but here's an interesting one: The Kentucky offensive line is doing a very good job of protecting Mike Hartline. The rest of the team, on the other hand ...

Dan Mullen sympathizes with Steve Addazio's dilemma
And he makes what I think is an interesting point that hasn't gotten much attention.

It certainly wasn’t all happy. I think now that I’m gone, the Florida fans like me more than when I was there, that was for sure.

Of course, any offensive coordinator in Florida faces high standards after the Steve Spurrier Era. But it's also not hard to see why they're particularly unhappy with Addazio.

In case you wanted to know more about him
Travis Haney has a lengthy profile of Marcus Lattimore. I haven't had time to read the whole thing, but I know it's good because Haney is good at writing profiles. So if you want to know more about Lattimore, check it out.

I thought this was official
Well, in case you were waiting for the official official announcement: Alabama and Michigan will play in the Jerry Jones Death Star to open the 2012 football season.