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Sprints Looks at South Carolina's Big Upset and Vanderbilt's Accidental Points // 10.11.10

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Spurrier becomes second on the all-time SEC wins list
A lot of people missed this in all the discussion of the upset Saturday: Spurrier now ranks behind only Bear Bryant in the number of conference victories.

One of our players said 'let's give fate a game ball'... I said 'I'm accepting for fate.

I don't think the players will mind.

Lattimore's performance best against Bama since 2007
Travis Haney looks at the numbers and find that Marcus Lattimore had the best performance for any rusher since Nov. 24, 2007 -- even though he didn't quite break the century mark, which hasn't been done against Alabama since Oct. 13, 2007.

The goal for South Carolina from here
Some needed perspective on the Gamecocks' win against the Tide:

"We're only, what, 2-1 in the conference. Anything can happen," Spurrier said Sunday. "We're not even halfway through the conference schedule yet. We know one big upset does not make a season. We've still got to prove ourselves every week."

Florida is 2-2. South Carolina is nowhere near running away with this division; the lead at this point is the difference between having played a fourth conference game and having taken a bye.

Make sure you give Stephen Garcia some credit
Words I thought I'd never type.

The last Gamecock coach to defeat a No. 1 team gets a raise
That would be head baseball coach Ray Tanner, who deserves every cent the school will give him. The man won the first major-sport championship in university history.


In fairness, they're not used to winning by 46
Robbie Caldwell was put in an interesting situation Saturday when he was forced to apologize for unintentionally running up the score. This is how you know you are a dreadful team: Vanderbilt accidentally runs up the score against you. In this case, the call in question was an onsides kick that wasn't supposed to be.

"I want to stop right there and apologize to Eastern Michigan," Caldwell said. "That was not an onsides kick. I'm embarrassed. It was supposed to be a sky kick and we missed the ball and it happened to fall right into our hands. We didn't know what to do with it."

Coach Caldwell, if there's anyone who deserves to run up the score against someone, it is Vanderbilt.

LSU fake field goal insanity was legal
There are many things that the play LSU called near the end of the game was -- crazy, gutsy. Add legal to that list, official-type people say.

Next week, they'll attempt to run an entire offensive series with just nine men and a Pekingese
Guess who made a substitution error in Saturday's game? If you guess Tennessee, you get no points, because it really shouldn't be that easy. At least it was too few men this time.