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Year2's Week 5 Picks

Last Week: 5-2

Season: 31-5

Games listed in schedule order.


UL-Monroe beat Southeastern Louisiana by a single point last week. Was it a look ahead performance, or is SELA really that good?

Auburn 55, UL-Monroe 17


Vandy is coming off of a bye, and UConn hasn't been quite the team it was made out to be in the preseason (shocker!). I wouldn't be surprised if the Commodores pulled off the upset considering they already have a road win, but asking for two in a row may be a bit much.

UConn 17, Vanderbilt 14


The Rebels showed some signs of life last week finally, while Kentucky got blasted in its first road game of the year. Kentucky is probably the better of the two teams though, and so I'm going with the 'Cats even on the road. They're pretty good against the West, after all.

Kentucky 37, Ole Miss 30


I can't even muster up enough interest in this game to give it a sarcastic intro like I did for Auburn's game.

Mississippi State 41, Alcorn State 10


Tennessee might have a real shot in this one given that it's defense isn't that bad and LSU's offense has been a wreck. Plus it's a day game at Death Valley, something that might throw off the locals. Unfortunately, Matt Simms throws interceptions and Patrick Peterson returns them a long way. Here's more film for Peterson's Heisman campaign.

LSU 24, Tennessee 13


Now that A.J. Green is back, we all get a taste of what Georgia's really like. I really think it will be a huge boost to the offense, as Aaron Murray will finally have an A+ target to throw to. It should help some other things on offense fall into place. Key word there: should. Plus, Colorado is terrible.

Georgia 34, Colorado 20


I have to admit, I don't really have that strong a feeling on how this one's going. Florida had three lackluster games and then one really good one; Alabama had three great games and then a lackluster one. Which are the real Florida and Alabama? I don't know. Florida can win and should be in the game throughout. In Tuscaloosa though, I have a hard time seeing the home team fall.

Alabama 24, Florida 19

Idle: Arkansas, South Carolina