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Sprints Is Ready to Launch an Investigation of Joe Haden // 01.06.10

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Joe Haden is passing information to Texas. It is near treason for any SEC player or coach to take part in this kind of spying. Roll Bama Roll isn't concerned.

By 'McElroy may not remind anyone of Peyton Manning,' is that referring to him defeating Florida?
Burnt Orange Nation looks at Alabama's turnover margin.

The run game
Dr. Saturday takes a look at whether Mark Ingram will be able to run against Texas.

He's not facing term limits?
Alabama Gov. Bob Riley declares today "Mark Ingram Day."

A record?
Three more field goals by Leigh Tiffin would give him the single-season record.

A new look at Texas
Bama Sports Report reviews each of the Longhorns' games.

Why Texas Will Beat Alabama - Burnt Orange Nation
That about says it all.

Star Jackson transferring?
He won't dismiss the idea, which is usually a pretty good indicator.

One wonders if he could name as many starters from his current team
Bobby Bowden remembers the last time Alabama was in the Rose Bowl. Of course he does.


Something is very bizarre here
The Tennessee basketball guns-and-drugs incident is become more confusing. The four players told police that they picked up the car they were riding in Nashville. The attorney for the woman who rented the car said it "was obtained in Knoxville." He also says she "denies any knowledge of the weapons." The Vols are in trouble.

Two more coaches in Gainesville
Including one who previously expressed "frustration" with Urban Meyer's earlier Florida offense.

It could be part of his delegating
One of the new coaches is expected to take over special teams, something over which Urban Meyer has exercised a good deal of control.

If nothing else, just being a quarterback should give him a chance in Tampa Bay
Alligator Army looks at what Tim Tebow needs to do to become an NFL quarterback.

Operative word
Rennie Curran said he's not going to the NFL. Yet.

He wasn't dismissed
In case we accidentally reported it as such in Sprints, Brent Vinson wasn't dismissed from the Tennessee football team.

Tommy Tuberville to Texas Tech?
Alliterative possibilities abound with the Riverboat Gambler interviewing in Lubbock.

Here's an, um, interesting pitch
Tuberville notes his familiarity with the spread. No kidding.

Hope they like directional kicking
Jon Fabris gets a job at Louisville.

NCAA upholds lost wins for Florida State
Not a great day for Bobby Bowden.