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Sprints Is Previewing the Week Ahead of Us // 02.01.10

Because there's not much news today, aside from Tennessee hiring Harry Hiestand as assistant head coach, we don't have a lot of news news for Sprints. So we bring you an update on the big events coming up this week, as well as a look at the coverage planned here and across SB Nation.

This is something slightly important for most of the football teams in the SEC, except maybe Vanderbilt. (Sorry, Vanderbilt.) In all seriousness ...

We'll have an open thread the day of here at Team Speed Kills, though the possibility of many contributions during the day -- at least from your humble correspondent -- will be limited because of the Florida Legislature's inability to recognize the significance. (Really -- committee meetings on signing day?) But your input and thoughts as the day unfolds will be welcome. And of course we'll wrap it all up afterward.

Of course, you can keep up with your team's developments at all of our SB Nation SEC sites, which will also be covering the event.

We're not planning an open thread right now -- there are plenty of places for you to discuss the game -- but we'll publish one if there's some sort of widespread demand.

For whom should you cheer? Well, as a Falcons fan whose second favorite team is the Colts, this is a pretty easy one. I hate the Saints and like the Colts. However, some of you might not have any similar allegiances. So here are the SEC players on each team's roster.

Indianapolis Colts:

RB Joseph Addai (LSU)
DB Tim Jennings (Georgia)
DT Antonio Johnson (Mississippi State)
QB Peyton Manning (Tennessee)
DB Jerraud Powers (Auburn)
TE Jacob Tamme (Kentucky)
OT Tony Ugoh (Arkansas)

New Orleans Saints:

WR Robert Meachem (Tennessee)
WR Devery Henderson (LSU)
CB Randall Gay (LSU)
CB Jabari Greer (Tennessee)
S Roman Harper (Alabama)
LB Marvin Mitchell (Tennessee)
G Jamar Nesbit (South Carolina)
T Jon Stinchcomb (Georgia)
DE Bobby McCray (Florida)

SB Nation will have some folks at the Super Bowl with actual credentials and stuff. The good guys will be represented by Brad Wells of Stampede Blue. The denizens of "Who Dat" land -- which, really, is reason enough to cheer against the Aints -- are going to be covered by Dan Cariello of Canal Street Chronicles. And Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride will be writing about the event for because -- well, because Kansas City fans need something to live for.

For those of you who don't know, Every Day Should Be Saturday is now officially on the SBN platform. This is very exciting for all of us who admire Orson/Spencer's work and are part of SBN.