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Sprints Would Like to Hire Kirby Smith for Defensive Coordinator. Or Dictator // 01.11.09


Smart money
Georgia has offered Kirby Smart the defensive coordinator position, and Nick Saban has basically called Athens a sewage depository. I couldn't make that up.

I’m not pleased when guys make lateral moves because it’s a little bit human nature to think – like my dad used to say, the grass is always greener on top of the septic tank.

Watch out, coach. Georgia will wear black uniforms the next time they play you, and ... never mind.

Head coach in waiting at Alabama for Smart?
This is Nick Saban we're talking about, so that could conceivably be about a five-minute wait.

Either Mark Richt doesn't think there are enough people jumping out of windows right now ...
Or this is total nonsense.


Statue time
For those who would criticize Alabama's decision to build Nick Saban a statue -- and I've seen it out there ("LSU or Southern Cal would never do a thing like this for a living coach") -- it's a tradition. That's like making fun of Michigan for singing Hail to the Victors by saying "Ohio State would never do a thing like this."

I would love to see Nick Saban vs. Barack Obama in basketball
Not that I think it's going to happen.

How Colt McCoy got injured
The play didn't go right. No kidding. A good piece by Burnt Orange Nation. (HT: Roll Bama Roll)

Yes, it's funny
I'm sorry to Tide fans who might be offended, but the fact that the national championship trophy is being displayed in Wal-Mart is humorous. Even if it were Southern Cal who won the title, and it was being carted around to LA Wal-Marts, it would be funny. Perhaps there's some defensiveness here? This is funny as well.

Some opposing fans won't like it much
But I think this is absolutely hilarious.


Coaching changes underway in Lexington
Looks like both line coaches will be looking for new jobs as Joker Phillips takes control.

Leave of absence = actively involved?
I know that this is subject to a lot more "he's an irrational human being" commentary, but are you really starting to show that you're getting your priorities in order if you don't stop working during your leave of absence?

Jim Leavitt firing could mean more coaching turmoil for Florida
Why not?

Or you could follow the Nick Saban philosophy and just offer them to everyone
Gator Clause tries to figure out how many scholarships Florida will have for National Signing Day.

Emmanuel Moody prepared to again be inexplicably ignored by Gators coaching staff
If these injuries are really the reason that the coaches didn't use him much, and if they're all fixed, then he might finally see more carries.

LSU's recruiting class will make it a football power again
Really. They mean it this time. No joking.

"They're as good as there is," Miles said of his 2011 class in a state-of-the-program interview on Friday. "This would be a nice group to start and solidify a team. This junior class will certainly fit nicely with that group we'll sign just in front of them (next month)."

Miles' 2009 recruiting class was judged No. 1 in the nation by ESPN and No. 2 by His incoming 2010 class was viewed as a top-five class at one time, but it has dipped to No. 9 by In his four classes from 2006-09, he had three top-seven classes.

"We're probably a class like (2011) backed up with the class we have on the board (2010) away from being a dominant team for years to come," Miles said. "That's what we want to be. There's no question the bar is high here, and we enjoy it. There's no question the goals have not changed."

Um, coach, are you recruiting someone to remind you of what the sign is for spiking the ball? Otherwise, I'm not sure the talent is the problem here.

Which means every year we'll hear about how he is being offered a job by another team
Tim Tebow has an agent.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King tweeted this morning that Tebow has signed with agent Jimmy Sexton and Athletic Resource Management, based out of Memphis.

I'm hearing now that Tim Tebow is considered a front-runner for the coaching job at Southern California. Just a rumor.

Draft Declarations

LB Rennie Curran (Georgia)

(I know, there's Jevan Snead. We'll get to him in another post either later today or tomorrow.)


Get me on the next pine box to Lubbock
Tommy Tuberville is indeed going to become the next head coach for Adam James the Red Raiders.

Win forever until the NFL calls with a really good offer
Pete Carroll has resigned from Southern Cal.

Mike Riley is going to be head coach for life at Oregon State
Or at least three years.


'Hope remains'
Tennessee defeats No. 1 Kansas in that odd sport they play with the roundball. I'm sure Kentucky is grateful.

Rock Chalk Talk also looks at the game
And gets to use "Rocky Topped" like it's something original -- which for them it is.

Renardo Sidney might play before 2012
The NCAA has issued a "statement of facts" to Mississippi State in the soap opera that is the Renardo Sidney case. The always colorful attorney Donald Jackson isn't optimistic.

"My gut feeling is if they can’t find something to convict you of murder, they will convict you of jaywalking."

It would seem like a waste of Sidney's time -- not to mention everyone else's -- if the NCAA were to spend months looking into this only to say: "Hey, you're right. Completely innocent." Not to be too conspiratorial; but the Association would look really bad if they came away from this empty-handed.

The counselor -- who has been one of my favorite characters in the SEC this year -- is teaching another course in how to make friends and influence people.