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Some Portions of a BlogPoll Ballot and an SEC Power Poll Ballot

If Year2 doesn't come around shortly from his moving day, you're stuck with me for the BlogPoll ballot. We'll see if he gets back in time for the SEC Power Poll. BlogPoll first, SEC Power Poll post-jump.


1 Alabama

2 Florida
The Cincinnati waxing showed Florida wasn't quite as bad as they looked in the SEC Championship Game and was, in fact, a pretty good team over the course of 2009. Too bad they set the national title as a goal; it's odd for a team that won the Sugar Bowl to be able to call its season a failure.

3 Boise State
WAH! They went undefeated and are behind a one-loss Florida team. WAH! Well, if they had shellacked TCU by anything close to Florida's margin against the Bearcat, or if they had defeated Tulsa by more than seven, etc., they would have been No. 2.

4 Texas
They're still a good team. In truth, I might have been a little too hard on Texas vis a vis TCU earlier this year. I still think that the Horned Frogs had played better football through the regular season ... but the bowl season happened.

I expected more. Thanks for initiating the "Boise State has to get into the BCS title game next year if they're undefeated no matter if they deserve it or not because only the evil BCS could possibly keep an undefeated Boise State out even if their schedule is made up of twelve FCS teams" narrative. (In fairness, the Broncos have a lot better schedule next year. But it doesn't matter who else is in the running if the Broncos go undefeated; we've now been told by ESPN and everyone else that they HAVE TO be in the title game, despite whatever might happen when, you know, the games are actually played.)

6 Ohio State
The Buckeyes are like the zombies of college football. It doesn't matter how many times you kill them, they are always going to be a postseason Top 10 teams.

7 Cincinnati
Probably not as good as they looked before the Sugar Bowl; consider all those close games in the final weeks of the season as a blaring siren that we all ignored. But they're also probably not as awful as they looked in New Orleans. But the resume is what matters here, and the Bearcats' is pretty good.

8 Iowa
This is a difficult team to get a handle on; they narrowly defeat most of the worse teams on their schedule, lose narrowly to one of the better teams and then defeat Georgia Tech.

9 Oregon
You got rid of one of the dynasties of the 2000s; you couldn't defeat Ohio State to destroy the other?

10 Virginia Tech
I just can't move them any higher than this. Putting the Hokies at No. 10 was one of two "fixes" to the resume ballot after I'd done the list blind. I can't see a team shellacking another bowl team and then losing ground, as they would have done, so I kept them in the Top 10.

11 Georgia Tech
12 Penn State
13 BYU
14 Pittsburgh
15 Southern Cal

I hate Southern Cal being in the Top 15, but there you have it. Georgia Tech, Penn State, BYU and Pittsburgh all had parts of a season that were worthy of the Top 10 and part of a season that was worthy of a team that might not even get ranked.

16 Wisconsin
17 Miami
18 Nebraska
19 Utah
20 Texas Tech

Another group of teams that had a few good games and some games that they would like to replay. I'd like to move Nebraska into the Top 15, but they wins aren't their to justify it. Utah's win over California gets them back on the ballot; Texas Tech was the other team I held steady despite why my rough draft said.

21 Arizona
22 Stanford
23 Ole Miss
24 Oregon State
25 Oklahoma

Ooh. Ole Miss and Oklahoma decides to rejoin us. The Rebels' victory wasn't the best in the world, but it was good enough. The Pac 10 teams are slightly more down to earth here than they got in some earlier weeks.


1 Alabama Crimson Tide
Again, self-explanatory.

2 Florida Gators
As some of our voters have said in different weeks at different points of their ballots:

- - - HUGE GAP - - -

Mississippi Rebels
For once, Houston Nutt did what he supposedly does all the time: Fold under expectations.

LSU Tigers
Congratulations. You lost to a Big Ten team who could have applied for MAC membership based on their out of conference schedule. Good job.

Tennessee Volunteers
The annihilation of Georgia earlier in the season is the only thing that preserves your place ahead of them.

Georgia Bulldogs
I'll have a lot more to say about the Dawgs (and all the other teams) when I do the season reviews beginning at the end of this week. But I will say this: They are not done revamping things in Athens if they want to do well in the future.

Auburn Tigers
Really, do they even play defense at Auburn anymore?

Arkansas Razorbacks
East Carolina might be the third best team with "Carolina" in its name. You defeated them in overtime.

9 South Carolina Gamecocks
Is it time to bring in the next coach who won a national championship ten years ago?

10 Mississippi State Bulldogs
Now comes the whole "actually winning" part.

11 Kentucky Wildcats
South Carolina defeated Clemson by 17 points.

12 Vanderbilt Commodores
Twelfth because Troy lost their bowl game.