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SEC Power Poll Ballot Final, Week One


As with all other voting this year, Year2 and I are combining our votes to come up with the final TSK Ballot. Ties indicate that we have some slightly divergent views in the middle areas of the poll:

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3t. Ole Miss
3t. LSU
5. Georgia
6t. South Carolina
6t. Arkansas
8t. Auburn
8t. Tennessee
10. Kentucky
11. Vanderbilt
12. Mississippi State

cocknfire's ballot:

1. Florida.
You were expecting anyone else?

2. Alabama
In a week notable for no one else defeat a BCS-level team in anything approaching a convincing manner -- and, yes, that includes LSU -- the Tide established that there are still national title contenders.

3. LSU
I'm still skeptical, but the Bayou Bengals' unconvincing win at Washington is a lot better than the Rebels' unconvincing win at Memphis.

4. Ole Miss
Try blowing out a lackluster C-USA team before the fourth quarter next time, mkay?

5. Georgia
Still looks like the second best team in a very, very bad SEC East.

6. Arkansas
Looks like the offense is right about where we expected it to be. Now we have to find out about the defense.

7. Auburn
I've got to give them some credit for defeating a WAC team I thought would upset them. It was still a WAC team, though.

8. South Carolina
This is the new and improved offense? I see another trip to Shreveport or Memphis coming.

9. Tennessee
Once they defeat someone who's spent more than a year as a full-fledged FBS team, I'll begin to believe the hype.

10. Kentucky
It was Miami. No, the other Miami.

11. Vanderbilt
It was Western Carolina University. No, not East Carolina University -- Western Carolina. Yes, they play football.

12. Mississippi State
Well, hey, it's a better No. 12 than I was giving you last year, when I seriously considered putting the Gators' second-string team to avoid ranking you at all.