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Sprints Thinks Tennessee Simply Fixed an Awful Heism@n Idea // 09.08.09

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Team Speed Kills Now tonight. We will release the results of the season's first SEC Power Poll, talk Tennessee-UCLA with hooper of Rocky Top Talk and Auburn-Mississippi State with Jerry of War Blog Eagle and maybe read the drive charts from Georgia and South Carolina's game for comedic effect -- decision pending hearing back from one of our potential guests. This would be the last part of the show, as we don't want to put you to sleep for the guests. As always, that's Team Speed Kills Now at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT.

Were we punk'd?
Or did Tennessee finally realize how awful their Eric Berry for Heism@n video was and turn it to the better? Either way, kudos to them for a finely-crafted self parody.

Roll Bama Roll defends the WildElephant
There are some good points here, but I would counter on just one thing: The Tide could have worn down the Virginia Tech defense by running it up the middle out of any formation. That's not really a defense of the WildElephant. That said, there are probably some plays that Bama won't role out until SEC play.

In any case, it's not going anywhere
At least according to Bama.

Grant at WR?
Do not trust this, as it comes from Nick Saban, and Nick Saban only leaks details that he wants you to know.

You know, except for the media hype and the NFL-caliber teams and the celebrity halftime show and ...
UCLA safety Rahim Moore on the Tennessee game: "This is like the Super Bowl for us."

The Quad has a better name for it
'The Blabber Bowl'

Meyer laps Holtz on overselling his opponents
Troy is "SEC caliber football."

When is your 800th win not your 800th win?
When you're appealing NCAA penalties.

That's one explanation for it
Little known side effect of the flu: May cause inconsistent QB play.

Arkansas WR will miss 4-6 weeks
London Crawford's collarbone will keep him out for up to half the season.

This is not a good sign
"About the only facet of the Commodores game that didn't click in a 45-0 drubbing of Western Carolina"? About the only facet that can't be made to look much better by the opposition: the kicking game.

Senior punter Brett Upson had punts of 7 and minus-24 yards, the latter caroming off the back of blocker Austin Monahan.

You might want to work on that.

Few of these numbers are very good
For one thing, LSU's tendency to have quick-strike touchdowns or three-and-outs can be turned around this way: They're not going to have too many brief drives for a score in the SEC, so a lack of sustained drives could really hurt them.

McClain apologizes
For what was, in retrospect, maybe his only bad play of the night.

Tebow sends his best to injured Sam Bradford
Of course he did; that's what makes him the Golden Tim Tebow.

Tebow and Crocs
His battle with the shoe company is apparently winding down.

There's a 'Carolina ... wagon' somewhere?
Big Ten bowl projections include many of the league's matchups with the SEC. Read. Very. S.l.o.w.l.y.

All you have to do is win a game, really, and you'll be a hero
Matthew Stafford is officially the Detroit Lions starter. Look at the bright side ... Forget I said that.