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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 1


1. Florida

When the starting offense was on the field, it legitimately had the chance to score on any play. No other team I saw over the weekend felt like that. Not one.

2. Alabama

Statistically more impressive than the scoreboard let on.

3. Ole Miss

Since Memphis is a rival of sorts, I'll give the Rebs a pass on the slow start. A big win is what they needed.

4. LSU

I don't think LSU deserves this spot after being pushed by Washington, but who else to put here?

5. Georgia

I thought they'd lose to Oklahoma State, and they did. No need to drop them in the pecking order just yet.

6. South Carolina

Wins against the ACC are looking less impressive by the day, especially this one. Still, I had South Carolina here in the preseason and I'm not going to be philosophically inconsistent by dropping them and rewarding someone for playing a cupcake.

7. Tennessee

Impressive, but WKU was dreadful.

8. Arkansas

Good start. Now play somebody.

9. Auburn

Welcome back, Auburn offense. It's been a while, hasn't it?

10. Kentucky

I'll put 42-0 over an I-A team ahead of a 45-0 win over a I-AA team for now.

11. Vanderbilt

Turns out Larry Smith was just dehydrated and not injured. That's good news.

12. Mississippi State

Someone has to be last, but it's not because of their play. A nice start for the Dan Mullen era.