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Warm-Up Sprints Is Ready to Get the Rest of the Season Started // 09.05.09

A round-up of the pre-game headlines ...

Ryan Williams will start at RB for Virginia Tech

In a statement, running backs coach Billy Hite said all three running backs would play "early and often."

Looks like Jerrell Harris is out
Roll Bama Roll on a significant tweet from an Alabama sports writer.

If you think my prediction of 17 for Virginia Tech was too much ...

Cox says he will play
Whether or not he has the SWINE FLU. Just following up on Year2's earlier FanShot. (HT: Georgia Sports Blog)

The Golden Tebow committing an NCAA violation? Never
This is what happens when you wear Crocs.

This seems optimistic

Some won't be able to believe what they are about to read: Jonathan Crompton is an astute student of football.

Did you come to this conclusion after a MAC team showed it had mastered the 'Clawfense' that so confused him last year?

Will it be a 'real knockdown drag-out'?
And The Valley Shook reminds us of a quote from Les Miles that could provide some motivation for the Huskies. Maybe they'll only lose by 20.

AP: 'UW's Sarkisian not afraid to use freshmen'
Given last year's results, I'd be afraid to use anyone else.