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Sprints Plays Defense, Needs Offense // 09.04.09

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South Carolina 7, N.C. State 3. Your humble correspondent can only imagine that this was a difficult game to watch if you were not a fan of one of the teams, but college football and SEC football have officially begun. As for Gamecock fans -- any shelter in a storm. Gamecock Man finds ... um, the silver lining? "But if we make those field goals, this game isn't close."

Well, 13-3 is better than 7-3. I think we all agree on that much.

Brandon Deaderick cleared
So what happens?

"He wants to play," Saban said, but the coach did not indicate whether his senior starter would see the field against the Hokies. Saban had said on Wednesday that Deaderick would miss UA's season opener against Virginia Tech.

I'm in awe. If I got shot less than a week before the game, I'm not sure I'd be standing -- flesh wound or not.

Crappiegate might not be over
Sophomore Jerrell Harris has apparently "also had contact" with the ever more enigmatic Curtis Anderson.

Harris also had contact with Athens resident Curtis Anderson -- who provided a fishing trip and other impermissible benefits to Jones and Ingram, resulting in them being ruled ineligible until the NCAA rendered a decision on the matter -- and may also have received an extra benefit, according to a source familiar with the case.

UA discovered Harris’ involvement with Anderson while investigating Jones’ and Ingram’s contacts with Anderson. ...

It is unknown why Harris’ situation has not been resolved. NCAA by-laws, however, require student-athletes to be forthcoming in any eligibility investigation. No timetable is known for a ruling on Harris’ eligibility, which could preclude his participation in Saturday’s season opener against Virginia Tech.

It is unknown whether the Tuscaloosa News really doesn't know why Harris' status is still up in the air or if that's a hint.

Georgia and Oklahoma State won't shake hands
This apparently upsets some at the NCAA, but that's not necessarily a sign that the wrong decisions was made. I agree with Groo that this is just ... well, I'll let it speak for itself.

It's clear, however, that something must be done to improve sportsmanship in college football [Why is this clear?--C&F] and student-athletes like Masoli will ultimately benefit. Perhaps if there was a pregame handshake before last year's game against Boise State, Masoli might not have suffered a concussion on a late hit in the heartbreaking 37-32 loss to the Broncos.

What? Whoever hit Masoli late would have stopped in the heat of the moment and said, "Forsooth! I shook hands with this man not four hours ago! I must reject barbaric intentions and allow him to leave the field uninjured!"

Oh, and as for Jeremiah Masoli, the player who would have been helped by this?

"I don't like it. I don't even like shaking hands when you get out there with the captains for the coin flip."

Could it be that he doesn't want to shake hands with the guy who gave him a concussion?

Somebody benefited at least
Western Kentucky head coach David Elson is all about Boy Wonder's ability to commit secondary violations in his sleep.

"We're the new kid on the block," Elson said. "There are people who may not know what Western Kentucky's program is all about. Or what level we play on. So every time he brought attention to Tennessee, he brought attention to Tennessee's first game, and it happens to be against Western Kentucky."

Somehow, I'm not sure that's part of The Plan.

Now you can worry about the wideouts
Florida's Carl Moore might miss the entire season.

Freshmen will man the RB spot for Vandy this weekend
Jared Hawkins is out with a sore foot.

I get to write T-Bob Hebert on a regular basis!
He's the starting center for LSU, according to Les Miles.

Oh to be a fly on the wall ...
Urban Meyer reached out to Bobby Stoops for advice on Andre Debose because of similarities between the Gator WR's injury and that of DeMarco Murray.

Murray missed the national title game, with UF won 24-14 in January, with his hamstring problem.

How do you reckon that conversation went?

Did they not see what happened when Georgia tried to do this?
Boy Wonder wants Vols fans to have a -- orangeout?

The Big Orange Nation is a team of one and I would like to ask each of you to help us show the rest of the college football world just how united we are. We are asking fans to create a "SEA OF ORANGE" in the stands of Neyland Stadium.

Why are you resorting to motivational plays for a game against Western Kentucky?

Need for Snead
I'm speechless. (HT: Inside Ole Miss Sports)

Houston Nutt now on Twitter
Of course.

The Quad kind of uses football points to support putting Texas at No. 1.

The first is Texas’s combination of overwhelming talent and senior leadership. ... Texas can also tout a talented linebacker corps and, as always, a strong and deep secondary. The second factor is a very winnable schedule. ... My third factor is the least tangible: I believe U.T. will use last season’s disappointment as inspiration.

With the season having begun, this somehow seems even less important than it already did.

The president's not good enough for your jersey?
Really -- how is this the least bit controversial?

The Kiperbot says that does not compute
John Parker Wilson: NFL quarterback?

SWINE FLU cancels college football game in Tuscaloosa
Stillman forfeits to Clark Atlanta.