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Sprints Isn't Taking Concussion Tests Unless It Has a Concussion // 09.30.09


Team Speed Kills Now on the Tim Tebow concussion. We discussed the issue with Conquest Chronicles' Paragon SC, who is not a doctor but played one on the podcast, and Alligator Army. We also unveiled this week's SEC Power Poll rankings and touched on the big SEC games this weekend.

Tebow still symptomatic
Which is probably to be expected since he's a human being and just had a concussion THREE DAYS AGO.

Urban Meyer takes some tests with Tebow
This is getting kind of odd. I don't think I've ever seen a coach quite so close to one of his players. It humanizes Meyer in a way.

That said, the comments of Tebow's teammates shows that -- as EDSBS's Orson and others have suggested -- the Golden Tebow could use this moment to educate.

"I think the media is kind of blowing it out of proportion," Stamper said. "Again, the hit and how he was, I can't really say I blame them. ... But when we found out it was a concussion, everyone gets concussions. Stuff like that happens. I guess because it happened to him everyone is blowing it up, but I think he'll be fine."

No, Ryan. "Everyone is blowing it up" because concussions are deadly serious business and must be treated as such. And the macho culture that treats them as nothing more than a sign of a hard hit needs to be obliterated.

A.J. Green on the hit

But I thought his neck was broken. But he's a tough guy. If it was somebody else, they'd be out for the season. But that's Tebow. He'll probably come back in two weeks, play against LSU and have a great game.

No offense to Green, but I hope he's wrong. Tebow doesn't need to be on the field next Saturday. And I will continue to say that until we hear that he won't.

Why it's important

A study commissioned by the National Football League reports that Alzheimer’s disease or similar memory-related diseases appear to have been diagnosed in the league’s former players vastly more often than in the national population -- including a rate of 19 times the normal rate for men ages 30 through 49.

The study isn't airtight proof that the concussions are that bad, as even its authors admit. But it does show that there could very well be a problem.

Reason No. 1 for Tebow to stay on the sideline

"You can’t fix the brain. You only get one," said ESPN analyst Merrill Hoge, whose NFL career ended in 1994 after suffering two major concussions.

I could make some snarky comments about Hoge, but he's right about this and the matter is deadly serious.

Reason No. 2
Even if the Gators lose to LSU, they could still play for the national title.

Meyer is a class act
Either that, or Jeremy Foley just signed his name to the letter thanking Kentucky.

A heartfelt thanks to the University of Kentucky, the local community and the entire Wildcat family, whose outpouring of support was very much appreciated.

C'mon, let's give the man a little credit. At least until he waxes South Carolina. Then he's awful.


The SWC rivalry that's being revived this weekend
I'm actually kind of looking forward to this game; I think it's interesting to see historic match-ups revisited.

Groo not toeing the party line
I agree with him here. A.J. Green might very well have been in; since I don't get ESPNU and wasn't watching this game, I'll take his and others' word that he did look to make the catch. But this "smoking gun" photo is less than convincing.

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC
The Mayor's weekly prediction of what will happen in the SEC. This week with bonus BlogPoll ballotry!

Mark Richt wins
If anyone wants to know whether the head coach or Georgia AD Damon Evans got his way on the nonconference scheduling, look at the latest entry on the Dawgs' slate for 2010: Idaho State, which joins Colorado and Louisiana-Lafayette as the non-Georgia Tech matchups.

This is nonsense
And that's the most family-friendly word I could think of to describe it. There are two tractor-trailer-sized holes in the argument here.

First of all, the idea that "[t]he polls correct themselves each week" is rendered logically untenable by Boise State being ahead of Houston despite playing a demonstrably worse schedule, by Penn State being ahead of Iowa besides playing a demonstrably worse schedule AND GETTING DEFEATED BY IOWA and by Ole Miss being ahead of South Carolina besides playing a demonstrably worse schedule AND GETTING DEFEATED BY SOUTH CAROLINA. But, yeah, everything is corrected itself well.

Secondly, there are two problems with using the Harris Poll as an example of taking polls midseason: First, it isn't happening in a vacuum. Harris voters can still be impressed by someone defeating a "Top-10" team even if they don't themselves have a Top 10 at that moment. Second, Week 4 is still way too early to start a poll if you're going to start one that will remove preseason bias. At least wait until Week 5 or Week 6, when almost every team has played at least one conference game and has likely played at least one non-cupcake.