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Sprints Is On a Lunch Break Today // 09.29.09

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Tim Tebow Injury, Part 7,324. Note: We'll talk Tebow and actual football games tonight at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT on Team Speed Kills Now.

The biggest headline, of course, is that Urban Meyer is saying that Tebow could play as soon as the LSU game -- which most of the blogosphere, Florida blogs included, think would be a massive mistake.

Asked if Tebow will play against LSU on Oct. 10, Meyer siad, "I think so, but I don't know that."

This could, as some of our commenters have suggested, be an elaborate ruse by Meyer to make LSU think that Tebow will take the field and force the Bayou Bengals to spend time preparing for him. If that's the case, I would prefer for role modeling purposes the guarded silence approach as opposed to the peppy optimism. Then again, I and everyone else worried about Tebow's health might be wrong.

Gator Clause decided to talk to someone who actually knows of what he speaks when it comes to concussions, a man they dub "renowned neurosurgeon" Dr. Robert Cantu, who says it takes most people about a week to recover.

It's possible that Tim could be in the fortunate group and within another four or five days he's asymptomatic and it's also possible Tim could be in that group that he is still going to be symptomatic in four or five days. And if he's in that group it's not safe for him to practice much less even work out. He should be asymptomatic at rest before he's allowed to exert himself and see whether exertion produces symptoms.

The Sentinel takes a look at the play that caused all the ruckus and why it led to Tebow getting hit.

Meanwhile, the back and forth in the blogosphere gets a bit heated, with Orson ripping into the Mayor for alleging that Meyer dreamed up quotes from a concussed Tebow and those who think it's "Karma!" that Tebow got hurt by still being in the game.

If you despite Urban Meyer, then he left Tebow in too long in a blowout ...

But if you like, please: don’t assume a basic level of humanity on a coach’s part, and that he’d lie about what his qb said while boggled and dazed on the ground, even if he stayed with said qb after the team left for home, and had no reason to tell what would be an outlandish and despicable lie about his favorite player ever.

The Mayor responds here by not backing down; Gary Danielson agrees that "there was no need for Tim to be out of the game yet."

Revise and extend: I've been fairly critical of Urban Meyer for leaving Tebow in as long as he did. I've never said "Karma!" about it, nor have I left that comment on any other blog, so I'll assume Orson is talking about someone else there. On the question of whether Tebow should have been out of the game, let me recast my objection.

It's not that there was no reason for Tebow to be in the game; it's that there was no reason for him not to be removed from the game. He was ill, the game was out of hand for Kentucky and Tebow's backup was more than capable. Perhaps I've been too harsh on Meyer, but I don't think him evil or immoral for having left Tebow in. I just think it was an unnecessary risk. I don't despise Meyer; my life as an SEC blogger is a bit easier and far more entertaining with him. I hope he remains at Florida for a long time.

Scot Brantley, uncle of the Florida backup, only wants to see his nephew playing in the fourth quarter because ... well, I'll let him tell you.

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