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Half the Week 4 SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

Nothing I saw this weekend motivates me to drop the Tide after they dropped a train on Arkansas.

2. Florida

The 1-B to Alabama's 1-A, the Gators showed against Kentucky why they're among the best and why depth is so important.

3. LSU

The Tigers get to be third because they're undefeated, but it's hardly a dominant undefeated. I mean, 2-0 in conference is still 2-0, but it's going to take better play to beat Georgia this weekend.

4. Georgia

It's as though only the Bulldog offense or defense is allowed to show up in any given week. Cut down on the turnovers though, and they'd be looking a lot more dominant.

5. Auburn

It sure will be nice to see this team play Tennessee this weekend, if for no other reason than to match it up against a known quantity (Tennessee's defense). The West Virginia win was nice, but the six turnovers take away from it to a degree, and how good is that WVU team really?

6. South Carolina

It seems pretty clear that the folks who during the off season were predicting doom for this team based solely on lack of experience were wrong. The 3-1 start is perfectly respectable, especially considering how close the loss to Georgia was.

7. Ole Miss

Was this a one game hiccup, or a bona fide sign of trouble in Oxford? It sure looked like the team that began last year 3-4 rather than the one that finished the year 6-0.

8. Tennessee

I'm not sure whether Tennessee or Arkansas should be in this spot, but when pressed, I'll pick defense with no offense over offense and no defense.

9. Arkansas

The crash back down to earth is complete.

10. Mississippi State

That was a real nice performance against LSU. Dan Mullen has these guys going in the right direction.

11. Kentucky

I didn't think it was possible for the Wildcats to do worse than their 28-0 first quarter hole against Florida in 2008, but hello 31-0. They fought admirably the rest of the way, but there's still a lot of work to do in Lexington.

12. Vanderbilt

It's going to take some better wins than just Rice to move up.