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Topics for Discussion // 09.26.09

Tim Tebow injured. Perhaps you heard something about this in passing -- it was briefly mentioned on ESPN a couple of times. Urban Meyer pretty much confirmed what everybody who watched the game was thinking: It's a concussion.

"I don't know, I think it's a concussion," Florida coach Urban Meyer said. "I think he'll be all right.

"He took a pretty good shot."

Obviously, there's a lot to break down here and talk about over the next week or so, which is precisely what we'll do. But to get a start: What does this mean for Florida and the SEC? Is the East now within the grasp of Georgia or even a third team like South Carolina or Tennessee? Is Alabama now the undisputed favorite in the conference?

Please explain Georgia. Tell me how a team manages just 10 points against Oklahoma State, has shootouts with South Carolina and Arkansas -- after which both teams score a combined 23 in their next SEC games -- then has another tough game against Arizona State.

Speaking of Arkansas ... The Hogs were supposed to be the up-and-coming team in the SEC this year. Can we officially stick a fork in that storyline, or is there still some life in it? After all, they had no defense in the shootout with Georgia, then had no defense or offense when Alabama annihilated them in Tuscaloosa.

True or false: Alabama looks even better this year than last. The defense is beginning to look just as good, if not better, and Greg McElroy is a substantial upgrade at QB. Meanwhile, there seems to be no drop-off at running back, and Julio Jones and Marquis Maze had some nice receptions against Arkansas. Does this team have any weaknesses that you can see? And even if it does, have LSU and Ole Miss done anything to this point to make you believe that there's someone in the West that can keep Alabama from getting to Atlanta undefeated?

You have to win one SEC game and must choose an existing team. Your options are Ole Miss, Arkansas and South Carolina. Which one do you select and why?