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Warm-Up Sprints Is Expecting Rain // 09.26.09

A wrap-up of pre-snap headlines ...

Could this slow things down?
Rain expected for the Arkansas-Alabama game.

Rain in Starkville as well
Not that anybody expected 90 points to be scored in this one or anything.

A confident Kentucky?
Rich Brooks thinks it might be so, or at least more so than in the past.

None of the players on the team that I came in to coach had had those kinds of significant victories, but in the last three-and-a-half years we have. As infrequent, unfortunately, as they have been, we have had them.

Joe Theismann on Tim Tebow
"He's not an H-back, he's not a linebacker, he's a quarterback with special talents."

Vegas believes in resume ranking?
Even for most resume rankers, putting Miami in the National Championship Game already seems a bit premature.

Is Garcia 'good-esque'
Red Cup Rebellion thinks so as they try to figure out the Ole Miss loss.

If you win, it plays Rocky Top all night long
Play Gator Invaders.